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Hi, my name is Julie.  I started this blog as a way to chronicle all my family recipes and recipes that I find appealing.  I am not a professional chef, I just have a passion for good food.

My love of food probably comes from my father (the best cook I know).  This man starts cooking at 8 in the morning, just for the love of making something your taste buds will go ga-ga for.  I sometimes think that he retired to the South of France just for the quality food markets.  He is definitely my inspiration.  Many recipes you will find here come from his repertoire of 100’s of recipes.  Some recipes are old family recipes, some are adaptations of recipes to make them different or better.

Every recipe you find here is tested in my kitchen and photographed by me.  I am not a chef or a food stylist.  I photograph the cooking process, and the food right before it’s eaten.  I try to keep it real, no fancy styling.  What you see is what you eat.

If it’s not good, you won’t find it here, but you will find all things “Food” at Gourmetcentric, including techniques, tools, and even unique places that have something worthy to write about.  I encourage your feedback and any questions.  Hopefully my format is clear and concise enough so that the first timer can pull it off.


  1. Peter Musooli

    Julie, thanks for sharing your passion for food with all of us out there, that love and are looking to find something new to make diner awesome. As a friend and food lover, I’m glad you are sharing recipes and tips with all. I hope one day I’m able to enjoy one of your home cooked meals.
    Wish you the best


    Congratulations Julie for such a marvelous website. Thanks for sharing some of your delicious recipes. Having been seated at your dinner table and sampling so many great dishes…this is a treat to know how to prepare them. Your presentations are very attrative and practical, with step by step pictures making each recipe appealing and inviting.

    Continued success and bon appetit for us!


  3. Congrats on your great website. These recipes look deliciosas!! Our sons have already selected their favorites. We’ll let you know if we succeed in pulling them off on the first go-around. Oh, and the photography isn’t bad either!! Best wishes.


  4. Hi, Julie-

    Your website looks great, and I can’t wait to make the arancini. I am a garden designer in LA, and my company, Eden Condensed, specializes in small space garden design and raised bed kitchen gardens. I am reaching out to folks who are passionate about food in the LA area in the hopes of doing some cross marketing.

    Please check out my website http://www.edencondensed.com, and let me know what you think. I am happy to give your blog a shout out on my Facebook page.

    Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments. I wish you much success!

    Angela Price

  5. Dan

    Many thanks especially for the Nesselrode Bula, my favorite Wil Wright’s ice cream, no longer available anywhere.

  6. Julie,

    Thank goodness for your blog about nesselrode bula (I remember it as nesselrode “baba”. Same succulent stull I’m sure. I only had it once, but I’ll never forget it and now you have made it for me! You wonderful woman.

    There is another ice cream company, McConnells (or something very close)in the LA and
    Santa Barbara areas and they make a flavor called Russian Nesselrode and I’ll be willing to bet that this is their version of Wil Wright’s recipe. McConnells makes very fine and very rich ice creams and you should also try Island Coconut.

    I live too far away now for tasting, alas. But not for remembering and thanking you again for recreating this ice cream.


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